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RBC First Home  Real Estate Professionals across Canada

RBC First Home
Real Estate Professionals across Canada


Home Maintenance Inspection

Home Maintenance Inspection

Enjoying your home requires proactive maintenance. Having proper and on-going maintenance performed on your home is essential to ensure all home components and mechanical systems are good working order. A full review of your house performed every 3-5 years would provide great peace of mind.

Your Maintenance Inspection:

  • Provides a reference point for all future home maintenance
  • Prioritizes any deficiencies
  • Required (items that require immediate attention)
  • Deferred (items that should be attended to soon)
  • Future Maintenance (items to be aware of do down the road)
  • Recommendations and guidance for repairs and improvements
  • Helps in reducing energy consumption costs
  • Assist home owners avoid major repairs

We’ll be covering a lot of ground during the Maintenance Inspection, which includes areas such as:

  • Roof system
  • Eaves troughs and downspouts
  • Perimeter drainage
  • Heating systems
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and other safety equipment
  • Indoor ventilation arrangements
  • Plumbing and fixtures
  • Exterior cladding, windows, doors, vents
  • Basement walls and drains

For more information about this topic or if you have questions on how a home inspection can help you, please contact us at 778.898.6831 or Thanks for checking in, be sure to visit us on Facebook as well for up to date news on enjoying your home.

What is a Building Envelope?

What is a Building Envelope?

Part of each home inspection, we talk about the building envelope and its condition. For a first time homeowner this language may need more elaboration.

The building envelope or building enclosure includes all parts of the building (assemblies, components and materials) that are intended to separate the interior space of the building from the exterior climatic conditions. It includes, for example, the foundation, exterior walls, windows, exterior doors, balconies, decks and the roof.

For more information about this topic or if you have questions on how a home inspection can help you, please contact us at 778.898.6831 or Thanks for checking in, be sure to visit us on Facebook as well for up to date news on enjoying your home.

Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing Your Home

As the temperature dips in Metro Vancouver, your home will need some TLC to prepare it for the winter months. Preventative maintenance will not only reduce the likelihood of unexpected surprises but also improve the safety around the home. Here are some tips to help prepare your home for winter:

1) Service your Heating System

  • Annual service call to an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and ductwork. They can help catch any safety concerns ie. Crack in the heat exchanger would introduce carbon monoxide into the living space
  • Clean/replace furnace filters seasonally to improve heating efficiency and air quality. A clogged filter will strain the blower, making it harder to pull air through the intake.
  • Consider switching out your thermostat for a programmable thermostat. By programming the thermostat of few degrees lower when the home is unoccupied or when the family is sleeping can have some beneficial cost savings.

2) Getting the Fireplace Ready

  • Have your wood burning fireplace serviced by a WEET certified technician. They can help evaluate the integrity of your fireplace to prevent chance of smoke spillage into the home and accumulation of creosote in the flue that can become highly combustible.
  • Install a good quality carbon monoxide detector near the fireplace or any fuel burning appliance in the home.

3) Check Exterior, Doors and Windows

  • Install weather-stripping around exterior doors and windows to help block out cold drafts
  • Seal up cracks and openings on the exterior cladding to reduce likelihood of moisture ingress and unwelcomed pests.

4) Inspect Roof, Gutters & Downspouts

  • The roof top will need to endure our wettest months that carry through to April. Check and replace worn roof shingles or tiles.
  • Inspect flashings around all roof penetrations for deficiencies. These are vulnerable areas where moisture can enter the roof assembly.
  • Clean out the gutters of vegetation and debris. Check for securely mounted gutters that are adequately sloped for proper drainage to downspouts.






5) Prepping your Plumbing

  • Hot water supply piping that travels through unconditioned (unheated) space such as attics or crawlspaces can be insulated with a foam wrap to minimize heat loss. This is a great energy saver.
  • Older homes come with standard exterior faucets that risk freezing of pipes and water damage. Considerreplacing with frost-free hose bibbs that have the shut off valve deeper into the stem.







For more information on how to maintain your home or any other home maintenance tips, connect with us on our blog And via Facebook. Find out how we can help you with a Home Maintenance Inspection / Home Maintenance Check Up by calling 778.898.6831 or email Thank you for checking out our site.



Tips When Buying a Condo

Tips When Buying a Condo

A majority of our clients are young successful professional who are are just starting off with their first big ticket investment. We service many client in sought after neighborhoods in the Vancouver Downtown core:  Yaletown, Coal Harbor, West End, Fairview Slopes and Gastown. Although they play hard, they work hard too. They have carefully saved up funds to put down a reasonable amount as a down payment on their real estate.

It’s a fun event to visit open houses throughout the weekends or searching online for for that rare gem of property. But once you are at the property, are you looking beyond the aesthetics?  Yes, its the perfect location, good layout, fully equipped high end appliances and a parking stall!

Here are some great questions that you can ask the Realtor. Think of this as your personal condo inspection checklist, these questions can filter your search for the perfect dream home. From a Home Inspector’s perspective, this list is not exhaustive but will help you get started on the right path. Please keep in mind that this home inspection checklist should not be used to replace a home inspection.

• Ask your Realtor if the building is 100% rain screened if older than 1999. Every week
during our Vancouver home inspections, we encounter buildings that are not 100% rain screened.
You may have heard the phrase “leaky condo”. Home Buyer beware.

• Receiving last 2 years of Strata documents is just bare minimum to acquire from your Realtor.
It doesn’t provide you with an adequate scope of the building’s overall condition. You may be
missing some pertinent Strata activity that may have occurred in prior years that could sway
your decision on purchasing the property

• Has there been a recent Building Envelope Assessment

• Get to know what applies in you 2-5-10 New Home Warranty. Two well known Home Warranty Programs are: National Home Warranty & Travelers Canada

• Ask if there is a rental restriction. How many owner occupied vs. rented units are in the complex.
Owners take pride in maintaining the complex

• Are there any major improvements/repairs for the complex in the short term (1-5 year time horizon)

• What type of security is in place on the property

These are many of the questions we ask our clients when they call us for a condo inspection or townhouse inspection. Truthfully, First Time Home Buyers may not know the answers, but we’ll help you through the process. Every Vancouver home inspection we perform involves some preparatory work way before we step foot on the property.

Remember: Due diligence is key
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Our Vancouver home inspection services cover all of Vancouver Downtown and Metro Vancouver area. Licensed Home Inspectors frequently seen helping new home buyers in Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver: Yaletown, Coal Harbour, Marinaside, West End, Fairview, Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, South Cambie, Marpole, Shaughnessy, Oakridge.

Other neighbourhoods:

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