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RBC First Home – Real Estate Pros

Pressure for winning bid on a home purchase leads some to waive ‪#‎HomeInspection‬. Home purchase subject free is it a good idea?

Ask us questions at ‪#‎RBCFirstHome‬ Twitter Chat on Tuesday August 18th @ 5:30 PM PST. Team of Real Estate Professionals across Canada ready to help. Chance to also win $100 Visa Gift Cards. Don’t miss this event courtesy of RBC Royal Bank.

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RBC First Home  Real Estate Professionals across Canada

RBC First Home
Real Estate Professionals across Canada


How to light up your Gas Fireplace

During the heating season homeowners look for a cozy fireplace for a source of heat. Often these gas fueled fireplaces are shut off during the summer and can be tricky to light up. Check out this helpful video.


Gas Fireplace

For more information about this topic or if you have questions on how a home inspection can help you, please contact us at 778.898.6831 or Thanks for checking in, be sure to visit us on Facebook as well for up to date news on enjoying your home.

Home Purchase Down Payment with RRSP

DID YOU KNOW? Home Purchase Down Payment with RRSP

I’m sure most people know that there is a government program that allows you to take money from your RRSP without tax implications in order to use it as a down payment on a property but did you know the following:

1. The money must be there for at least 90 days in order to qualify for taking out.
2. The allowable withdrawal has been increased in the past few years from $20,000. to $25,000.00
3. If you have a spouse you can both take $25,000.00 out
4. You have the year you took the money out plus 2 additional years before you have to start paying it back into your RRSP.

5. You have 15 years to pay it back into your RRSP
6. I would advise transferring the balance into something that does not fluctuate as you move closer to the possibility of using it.

7. It can take anywhere from 2 days to over a week to get the money out. Very important to know as you may need the money even sooner than this if you have to put a deposit on a property in order to purchase it.

8. The easiest way to get it back into your RRSP is through an automatic savings plan.
9. The property must be your principal residence.

The Homebuyer’s withdrawal plan is a government program so please check out their website for the latest on the details as well as other qualifications in order to take advantage of it if it makes sense for you.


A special thank you to Tony Marchigiano | Mortgage Specialist, RBC Royal Bank for sharing this article. Should you have any questions please contact Tony Marchigiano at 604.505.7109 or


oil tank Vancouver

Oil Tank Removal Affects Your Mortgage Financing

Vancouver Oil Tank Removal and your Mortgage

oil tank Vancouver

oil tank Vancouver Removal

With increasing environmental consciousness, the use of oil furnaces is becoming redundant across Canada. Nowadays, people keenly take into account the detection and removal of oil tanks before purchasing a property, for constructing or redesigning their home.

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Dryer Lint Build Up

Clothes Dryer Lint Catcher

Routine cleaning of dryer vent lint trap will not only improve drying your clothes but also reduce the likelihood of condensation collecting in the duct work. This can be evident by some moisture staining on ceilings surfaces.
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