Real Estate Resources in Metro Vancouver

Useful resources for consumers. Whether you are an existing home owner or soon to be home owner, we have you covered.

General Insurance

Drainage Contractors

Basement & Crawlspace Solutions

Structural Engineering

  • C.A. Boom – Eric Steffanson 604.986.4775
  • Rockingham Engineering – Derek Smith 604.921.1394
  • Thompson Geotechnical – Brian Thompson 604.921.1448
  • Horizon Engineering – Karen Savage 604.990.0583, Jeff Dyer 604.892.1339


Plumbing & Heating

General Contractors & Renovations


  • Sears Roofing – 1.800.469.4663
  • Amex Roofing – 604.985.1859
  • West Coast Roofing – Todd Wells 604.987.7325
  • Cypress Roofing – 604.929.3837
  • Heyes Roofing – 604.985.8546
  • Crown Roofing – 604327.6966

Pool Service

  • Cascade Pools – Tony Cook 604.782.2534
  • Crystalview Pools – 604.985.0057

Oil Tank Removal

  • All -Pro Tank Removal – Kevin Shellard  778.223.8265
  • TankTech – Ian Groves 604.328.1234
  • Fleck Contracting Ltd. – Gary Taylor 604.307.1404

Environmental Consulting

Around Your Home:



Other Organizations:

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The above list of consultants and contractors are companies and individuals whom Zegarra Residential Inspections Inc. has dealt with in the past.  Our experience with these companies has been favorable. However under different circumstances, your expectations and experience may be different from ours. We provide the above list as a starting point and resource to the general public. It is encouraged that you interview others as costs, experience and scope of work would vary.  We strongly recommend obtaining several quotations for renovation work to ensure that you are getting a contractor who is reliable, has required certifications, insurance and charges a fair price for their work. Zegarra Residential Inspections in no way guarantee that the above professionals will provide a fair price and/or carry out the work to your standards and satisfaction.