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Luxury Condo Inspection

Condo Inspections by Accredited Home Inspectors in Vancouver include a detailed examination of all the building components and systems located inside the unit. Unlike other home inspectors in the industry, Zegarra Home Inspectors ALSO provide you with an evaluation of the condition of the strata complex as part of our ongoing service commitment to you. As strata and condo inspection specialists, we look at the building envelope, exterior building perimeter, parkade, electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, interior passageways, storage rooms, recreational facilities, and accessible roofs.

Our licensed condo inspectors will go through the unit and building to give you an opinion on the probability of problems based on design features present and may also identify previous repairs. However, leaks may go undetected if there are no visible signs present. We will make recommendations as necessary.

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Our Licensed Condo Inspectors Help You Uncover Red Flags

Building Envelope Failure

As strata specialists, we know that a thorough look at the entire facility is the most important aspect of any condo inspection. Shared or Common Areas are usually where the real liability exists when purchasing a multi-family dwelling. We use our professional insight to uncover any red flags during our inspection through these common areas that you should be aware of.



Here’s what we look for during a walk-through:

  • Evidence of maintenance issues that have not been addressed
  • Building design flaws
  • Less-than-ideal material installations that will lead to water ingress into the building structure

Why is the risk of water ingress so important? Should there be a defective building envelope or poor design flaw leading to water ingress, each strata unit holder may end up contributing significant funds to correct the issue. As inspection professionals, we are usually able to determine if the likelihood of a problem that requires further investigation may exist. We may recommend a specialist in the field to look at the suspected problem and provide a more definitive conclusion. Keep in mind that, if the building is not 100% rain-screened, this may hinder your CMHC coverage. Building Envelope Remediation of Leaky Condo


Every Condo Inspection Includes A Strata Examination

Our Vancouver home inspectors can gather a lot of information from the minutes of Strata Council meetings, building envelope reports, and any engineering reports. It is very important that you request and read through this material prior to booking your condo inspection. Take a moment and highlight any references to water and moisture problems. We review any provided engineering reports and provide comment as well as further investigation to determine if any of the stated problems were dealt with.

Engineer’s reports will provide specific recommendations to be carried out and may vary in terms of repair duration, cost projections, and full remediation to partial correction with ongoing maintenance. With this information, the Strata Council will take a specific plan of action, which will directly impact you. We help you determine whether the Strata Council is looking for a temporary fix, or if they are operating with a more long term outlook.

Be sure to also ask the Strata Council what their involvement is with strata rentals versus direct ownership. This will give you an idea of how the property is being managed: For maximizing profit or with an interest of longevity of the building.

You can always count on our Expertise and Due Diligence to reduce your risk of unexpected costs when purchasing a condo. Ask about our condo inspection services in Vancouver BC by calling Michael at 778.898.6831 today!

What A Condo Inspector Looks For: Water Damage and Condos

We live in a rainy part of the world, or didn’t you know that already?  Water damage is by far the largest type of loss that insurance companies deal with in BC.

If you live in a condo, you may think you don’t have to worry about water losses because your Strata Council has insurance on the building.  You also have a condo unit owner’s policy to cover your personal belongings. So, that means you’re ok, right?  Not exactly. You still need to be concerned, and here’s why:

  • The Deductible: The strata has insurance to cover the building, but there is a deductible for water damage.  After a loss, a part of the deductible will be assessed to each owner. And, if there have been any previous losses in your building, you can bet that deductible will be fairly high. Even worse, if a pipe bursts behind your wall, or your washing machine malfunctions and overflows, you could be considered responsible — which means you have to pay the ENTIRE deductible, not just your proportionate share.
  • Renovations and Improvements: Any improvements made to your unit, by you or any previous owner, are not covered under the Strata’s policy.
  • Policy Questions: Water entering your unit may or may not be covered, depending on the type of policy you have. Be sure to speak with an insurance professional to assess your situation.
  • Strata Deductible Assessment: Strata Deductible Assessment insurance is available to cover assessments made by the Strata for the deductible, whether you’re considered responsible, or you just need to pay your share. The loss must be one that’s covered under your condo unit owner’s policy, so be sure you have the broadest coverage you can get.
  • Building Improvements: Building Improvements coverage is available, and should definitely be added to your condo unit owner’s policy.  Some policies automatically include a certain amount, but you may need to increase it depending on what’s been done to your unit.  Have you put in granite countertops, or hardwood floors?  These types of things add up!
  • Broad Water Coverage: Most policies provide coverage for water damage…But, is it the broadest coverage available?  Oftentimes, an extra rider is needed to give you the best coverage. I recommend contacting Square One Insurance for a quote on a Condo Unit Owner’s policy.  Square One will tailor your policy to make sure you have all the coverage you need, and none of the extras that you don’t!

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