Commercial Inspection

Prior to purchasing or leasing a commercial property, a real estate investor, business owner, tenant, or lender often enlists a Commercial Inspector whose duty is to provide a clear understanding of the building condition.

The Commercial Inspector provides a comprehensive Commercial Inspection Report through a non-invasive visual inspection of the interior, exterior of the structure and all technical components of the building which can include using a team of Specialists. The report provides recommendations for addressing major deficiencies, updating aging major components/systems, carrying out further detailed investigations if required and time horizons associated with recommendations. Commercial Property Inspections can include information such as:

Building Envelope/Structural Components - concrete, steel, wood components
Foundation issues
Site Characteristics - parking/driving surfaces, utilities
Exterior Walls
Roof Systems - surface material, condition, age and remaining useful life
Balconies & Decks
Electrical Systems
HVAC Heating & Cooling Systems
Plumbing Systems
Heating Systems
Interior Elements (floor, walls and ceilings)
Ventilation Equipment
Plumbing Systems
Stormwater drainage
Life Safety Systems - fire alarms and emergency lighting
Environmental Assessments (Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality, Lead Based Paint)
Fire-Protection Systems - sprinklers and fire hydrants
Handicap Accesses

Additional Services that may be included:

Air Quality Inspection
Mold Inspection

Commercial Inspection

The Commercial Inspection Report includes photos of the property that will clearly identify any areas of concern or deficiencies. With all this information provided we will be able to enhance the Client’s knowledge of the building property to help them make an informed decision about their purchase or lease.

As well, Customized Reporting to your specifications can also be prepared.

Included with your Commercial Building Inspection, a Thermal Imaging Scan is conducted within the building by a Certified Level 1 Thermographer.

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Types of Commercial Inspection

Commercial Inspection

Our Commercial Property Inspectors specialize in small-medium sized buildings, have extensive experience and knowledge delivering best and accurate reporting for our Clients. Schedule a Commercial Inspection appointment today. Call us at 778-898-6831

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