House Inspection

Zegarra Home Inspections performs home inspections on new and older properties, which include detailed evaluations of all the building’s interior and exterior components and systems

Perimeter drainage
Cooling / HVAC
Building envelope
Exterior cladding
Interior finishes
Operational testing of all household appliances

House Inspection

Our efforts are focused on identifying those deficiencies that represent a substantial investment or a danger to the dwelling’s occupants. Our team will offer opinions on the probability of problems based on the current design features present, and may identify repairs done by previous owners. We will also point out issues that will be difficult to maintain on an ongoing basis, and will provide insights into proper maintenance of the structure. Keep in mind that, while leaks may go undetected if there are no visible signs present, our home inspectors will always look for secondary signs indicating any issues.

An interactive easy-to-read PDF written Inspection Report is prepared that identifies not only the positive aspects of the home, but points out the major defects or repairs that you may not have been aware of. This provides you with the opportunity to budget for these repairs or upgrades. Included with your Home Inspection, a Thermal Imaging Scan is conducted within the building by a Certified Level 1 Thermographer.