Townhouse Inspection

Similar to our House Inspections, Zegarra Home Inspections performs townhouse inspections on new and older properties which include detailed evaluations of the building’s interior and exterior components and systems. Townhouses are a hybrid of detached homes and condos. They have similar components to a house like exterior cladding, roof, and landscapes, but you share these common areas with your neighbours like in a condo. Like a condo, we recommend reading over the depreciation report for a better understanding of the building’s history and/or for any large costs in the future.

Townhouse Inspection include systems and components such as:

Perimeter drainage
Building envelope
Exterior cladding
Cooling / HVAC
Interior finishes
Operational testing of all household appliances

An interactive easy-to-read PDF written Inspection Report is prepared that identifies not only the positive aspects of the home, but points out the major defects or repairs that you may not have been aware of. Included with your Home Inspection, a Thermal Imaging Scan is conducted within the building by a Certified Level 1 Thermographer.