Michael is professional and thorough. We asked him to inspect a house we were looking to buy. In our experience, here’s what you can expect from Michael Zegarra: 1. He’ll walk you through everything he’s going to do, how he’s going to do it, and most importantly why he is going to do it 2. He’ll look through every nook and cranny of your potential future home, appliances included, in a non invasive manner, meaning he’s not going to carve holes into walls 3. He’ll explain his reasoning/thoughts as he is inspecting 4. He’ll deliver a comprehensive report shortly after the inspection. In our case it was less than 5 days 5. He’ll provide you with recommendations on fixes that should be done, make recommendations as to some other fixes that may have an impact on the long run, and also nice-to-haves Throughout the process, he will always keep the client informed. Overall, we are impressed with Michael service. We think that the level of service and quality we received is quite rare in the modern day and age and would and will recommend him to anyone who needs a house inspected.

Michele – Maple Ridge BC